Saturday, May 19, 2007


Hello again. It seems that life has not been kind to me in parceling out much free time for me to write much in my blog. But now there is only 1 week left until I graduate high school. This also means there is less than 3 months until I leave for Japan for a 10 month stay with a host family while doing intensive language study at a Japanese high school.

Recently I just finished writing an essay in Japanese on the importance of reforming Japan’s immigration policy in the wake of rapid population decline. I argue that if Japan’s economy is to stay competitive in Asia then it must bring skilled workers from outside. This change would required a radical altercation to how “being Japanese” is perceived in order to allow immigrants to attain full citizenship, Without immigration, there are not going to be enough young people in the labor pool to fill the many soon to be vacant jobs because of the retiring generations from the 1940’s and 1950’s. This essay reflects my first attempt to write about an academic subject in Japanese. For me it proved to be an invaluable experience. To view this essay please look at the previous post. I hope to be able to continue such work later on as I progress in my studies while attending school in Japan this year.

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Shingen said...

Graduation! Woohoo! You must be excited!

As for your essay, I agree with premise entirely. Sounds great!